Wednesday 17 June 2009

Teen logic

Junior, like just about anyone who was ever a teenager, has zits. Not a stack of zits. Just a few zits. Enough though to warrant using some of that face wash stuff that is supposed to clean the goo out of your pores.

We bought a bottle of it a month or two ago. Zits are still there. Clearly, something is not working. It has to be used daily, according to the blurb on the side, to do any good. If my recollections of being a teenager are any guide, the stuff has to be used daily until you're about, oh, 20 years old - give or take a decade.

I hefted the bottle when I was in the shower. It was 99.9% full.

J: "Why are you not scrubbing your pimply mug with the anti-zit juice?" (yelling through bathroom door).

Junior: "It doesn't work."

J: "How many times have you used it?"

Junior: "Once".

I guess that explains things. Teenagers and their rather mangled logic processes. And to think that in a few short years, he'll be able to drive a car. And vote.

Explains how Rudd got in I suppose.

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Anonymous said...

"scrubbing your pimply mug"

Hmmmm, maybe if I actually started speaking to him like that I might get a response????