Wednesday 3 June 2009

Where are the stories on failing businesses?

If my memory serves me correctly, every time we have a conservative government in power anywhere in the Anglosphere, as soon as economic conditions get a bit rough, the media is full of photos of soup lines, closed businesses and shuttered shops.

Where are those stories today? We see the odd story when there are lots of layoffs, like we saw with Bonds recently, but businesses large and small would be laying off more than Bonds in total every day of the week at present. Add to that the businesses that are closing their doors.

I walked along Parramatta Road tonight for a few kilometres. The "for lease" signs were everywhere - I couldn't be bothered counting them all. The car yard pictured above went bust just a few months ago - ages after the GFC struck - and several more along that stretch seem to have gone the same way.

Whilst we might not technically be in a recession, there is clearly a lot of pain being felt out there. Why is the media failing to cover it?

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daddy dave said...

I think you know the answer to that, BOAB. Rudd's still in honeymoon. The stories will come.