Monday 22 June 2009

Catching rude bastards

From the SMH today:

Cycling champion furious as crash motorist flees

A former Australian road cycling champion who fractured her arm in a road accident yesterday morning is furious at the motorist who hit her, after he told her he was going to move his car before driving off.
This is why I always carry a camera that I can quickly whip out to take a photo of the miscreant - assuming I am concious and have use of one arm. If someone even vaguely threatens me, I pull the camera out and photograph them and then video them. You get some pretty shocked looks from motorists when that happens, and in most cases, their behaviour instantly improves. Some even look vaguely apologetic.

The driver in yesterday's incident was described as being in his mid 50s, possibly of Middle Eastern appearance, with dark hair and wearing a dark-coloured jumper or vest.
Then again, this guy sounds like a complete tool. In that case, I'll take a nice Glock instead of a camera any day.

Interesting though that the SMH decided to tell us about the ethnicity of the driver. In this case, two of the silly's favourite groups collided - cyclists and Men of No Appearance, and the interests of the cyclists won the day. Amazing.

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