Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Wednesday photos

Now that the rain has gone, we're getting some lovely sunrises. I wasn't the only one out taking photos of the sunrise this morning - this bloke had a proper camera and was patient enough to wait around to get a great shot.

This is my over the shoulder photo trick - I point the camera backwards, rest the camera on my shoulder and hope for the best. Nice mudflats.

Going past Paddys Markets - not much action there at 0700.

We're in the final stretch now for the state elections - only a few days to go (must try and remember to vote early too). Just when we're almost free of election crap, along come the council elections. Here's three candidates for Sydney city council. The bloke at the back is from the Labor party - that tiny red blob in the bottom right hand corner says "Labor". Interesting that he's using a blue background, which is the traditional Liberal colour.

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English Pensioner said...

"Going past Paddys Markets - not much action there at 0700".
Brought back memories of when we visited Sydney a few years back. It was packed!
Hope to visit again maybe next year, our last visit was cut short because Mrs EP had food poisoning during our stay-over in KL and we were delayed. So we saw Sydney hospital, for blood tests, the Bridge, Opera House, Paddys Market, had a good meal in a restaurant on Darling Harbour and as a bell-ringer, I managed to ring at St Andrews for Sunday Service. And then to Melbourne to visit friends.
Top marks to your health service, they saw Mrs EP, took the blood for tests in very quick time and phoned the results to her at our hotel the same evening so that she could adjust her drug dosage. And free under reciprocal arrangements!