Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Wednesday photos

Believe me, it wasn't that bright when I took this photo - it is the magic trickery of the camera's innards that make it look like the sun was up. I had my headlight on and was dodgy around hard to see black dogs and so forth when I took this. Amazing what its little electronic brain can do.

I spotted this photo opportunity as I went past, and for once, I did a U-turn and went back and took the shot. Normally, I just blast on past if and ignore the lost opportunity. Onwards! Onwards.

You're probably wondering what I went back for....

That light is perfectly bisecting a coxless pair. You'd probably be able to see what I was on about if I had been riding with a proper SLR camera with say a 300mm lens. Ah well - at least I tried.

1 comment:

cav said...

A perpendicular bisector perhaps?