Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Wednesday photos

Cav has asked me to put my photo caption underneath the photos, rather than above them. Christ on a bike, the world is full of critics. I'll give it a go - just this once. I know that the traditional book style format is to put them underneath - that's what I grew up with too. Ugh - this is going to be a wrenching change. Bloody hell Cav, why can't you old farts get with the program and move into the 20th Century!

This is a caption below the photo. Bloody hell - now I know why I type my narrative above the photo - the blogger composing layout is completely crap for typing below a photo. I knew there was a sensible reason why a wise man like myself would put captions above photos. Since I've been typing, the photo above has scrolled out of the composing window, so I have no idea any more what's in the photo. You'll have to tell me. I think it is two penguins having sex in Antarctica.

Here's another photo - blast, it's scrolled away too as I've typed. I think it's a photo of my hairy knee, complete with rooftop construction induced scar. No, I scrolled up and found that it is actually a big collection of rowers getting setup for a race. They're hard to spot in the early morning light, but there was over a dozen shells out there when I went past.

How's that for a montage of early morning Bay activity? All the above photo needs is a jogger tripping over an errant dog, and it will be complete.

The early morning light is great for these action shots - the shutter needs to stay open longer, which produces a great bit of blurring.

This bloke had the most incredible calf definition. Only thing I will point out is that my legs are even hairier than his. When I was at uni, some mates held me down one night and tried to shave my leg. They removed a section of hair about an inch and half long, and then gave up as the razor was irretrievably clogged. I could have been a stunt double on Planet of the Apes.


cav said...

What a magnificent blog this has become.

Maybe a change to man on a bike?

Lee said...

Ah, thanks BOAB (and CAV), my mornings are less confusing now that the captions are beneath the photos!!

Jim Clarke said...

If the first photo is the penguins, it mus be one hell of a long shot.