Saturday, 18 October 2008

Where Paco leads, one must follow

Boy on a bike - supporting the freedom of voters to question candidates since 2007.


bruce said...

I am Joe the Plumber.

Actually my plumber is amazing. He has 2 jobs, he's also minister of a small charismatic church (not my thing, but) in Katoomba, where they gather every Sunday to sing rousing Gospel with folk guitars. And he uses his money to send missionaries to Africa.

Ok, I thought, giving Africans the Bible is a good thing. No actually, he says. It's mostly practical not religious, or the Chiefs won't let you in. So his missionaries teach Africans how to increase yield on their crops, often by just showing them how to make a compost heap. Apparently they used to burn the stalks and waste, not realising it could be used (!!).

Gurgaon said...

nice posting.