Sunday, 12 October 2008

V8 super car racing at Homebush

What has this photo got to do with V8 racing?

I've been in two minds until recently about the idea of holding V8 super car races at Homebush. On the one hand, I like to cycle around Homebush - that is where I took this photo yesterday. On the other hand, I like motor racing, and I might go and see it if it's held at Homebush, since it will be easy and convenient to get to. I could even cycle out there to see the races!

My mailbox has been bombarded for the last few weeks with a lot of anti-V8 emails. The opposition to it, as usual, comes from the Greens and other usual suspects. For that reason alone, I should have been for it from the start.

From what I have read, the only impact on me will be that I won't be able to ride in some parts of the park for a few weeks. Well boo-hoo. I'll only be able to use if for 49 out of 52 weeks. Losing 3 weeks is not the end of the world - I lose more weeks of riding to wind, rain, hail, illness, extreme heat and peak hour traffic than I will to the V8 racing.

By the way, the bloke in the above photo was about 70 years old, and I had a devil of a time catching him. Just goes to show what a few months of driving to work will do to you.

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