Saturday, 11 October 2008

No birds

Snapped on one of my walkabouts this week.

The nice thing about these fellows is that they don't swoop on cyclists as they ride past. I am getting all too used to the "clack" that a swooping magpie makes as its beak collides with the back of my helmet.

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bruce said...

Used to get dived by the maggies in my street but now I've somehow made friends with them in the backyard they leave us alone out front. Turned a few rocks over and they got a good feed, now they fly in to greet me. "What you got for us today?" Dumb though. Two had each end of a long piece of nesting fibre, 'Mine, mine, mine' squawking for 5 mins till one got tired and gave up.

Sulphur crested cockies otoh, are The Enemy.