Thursday, 16 October 2008

Pocket vomit

I treated myself to a new pair of shorts yeterday - the old ones were at the stage where if I went commando, you'd be viewing the whole package. I am now the proud owner of the most expensive shorts that I have ever owned; a pair of $99 Columbia "trek through the leach infested hell of Peru" type shorts.

They are beautiful. Well cut, nice fit and soft. They are like chamois.

I'm never going back to cheap shorts.

I had been wearing them for 15 minutes when Number 3 required burping. I put him on my shoulder and was shortly thereafter rewarded with a very wet sounding burp. I checked my shoulder - nothing there - so I put him down and went about my business.

About a minute later, I put my hand in my pocket. It had vomit in it. Even though he was at shoulder level, he managed to chuck into a pocket at waist level.


My brand new, soft as silk, very expensive, just 15 minutes old shorts. With a pocket full of puke.

This kid is going to be a demon when he gets his hands on a Yard Glass.

1 comment:

kae said...

I hope your parents are around to enjoy their revenge...

He he he.