Wednesday, 1 October 2008

And they call religious nutters crazy...

I picked up this snippet about mis-reporting of Governor Palin from Jules Crittenden:

"The governor told us though she’s not a member of any church, she visits a couple of them regularly when she’s home. She took issue with news reports that one of them, The Wasilla Bible Church, sponsored a conference where gays could be made straight through prayer."

Some lefties have made hay with that statement, beating it up as another one of those "the religious right are crazy - they believe prayer can 'cure' gayness" comments.

I for one don't believe that prayer can make gays straight. I also don't see why anyone should want to convert gays to the straight side. As far as I am concerned, if you're happy and you know it, clap your hands.

The only thing that prayer, or religious observance, can do is to make you celibate - regardless of whether you like boys, girls or catfish. If you choose to be celibate, I'm sure prayer can assist you in keeping to the straight and narrow (wouldn't know myself - I am not the prayin' type, nor do I always feel the need to stick to the straight and narrow). It can't stop you from being gay - but it might stop you from engaging in gay sex, if that's the sort of thing you want to give up for some reason.

I think I am off track here.

So, you might think that someone is beyond the pale because they associate with people that try to make gays straight through prayer. I find that a little odd, but then a mate of mine believes in levitation and UFO's, and I have met people who believe in Ley Lines and talk about Gaia as if the Earth was a living thing. The last lot can be seen quite regularly in what passes for the mall in Five Dock, and they recently ran for a Council seat as candidates for the Greens.

I guess it is alright for the Greens to have completely batty ideas, and no one says that it disqualifies them from holding office. I don't care if they believe in Ley Lines - I only care about their policies (which I generally find to be completely objectionable).

The Left can also hold ideas that are utterly batshit crazy - some seem to believe that locking criminals up does nothing to stop them commiting crime. Others seem to believe that children don't require discipline in order to develop into mature and responsible adults. The worst of them seem to think that governments can create money out of thin air.

If you ask me, believing that prayer can make you straight is a lot less freaky than believing that certain indigenous Australians can talk to whales.


Anonymous said...

When I was a kid, I saw a strange name in the teledex (remember teledex's? No? Phone number diary.)

'Rachel Hygiene'. What the? For years I thought my parents had a dark secret (never asked them about it). In a way they did - what we used to call 'birth control'. Up till the early 1960's, the Birth Control Association, which was about the only place which specialised in contraception, was called 'Racial Hygiene'.

It was started back in the WWI days by progressivists, mainly because it was strongly felt by all back then, especially Leftists, that there was such a thing as 'racial suicide'. (Bob Menzies also believed it because 'great scientific minds' told him it was so). And the idea came from and was promoted by supporters of Darwinism like Herbert Spencer.

I learned all this at uni.

The Church used to be the only thing opposed to such modern progressive *scientific* ideas as 'racial hygiene'.

The Left IS crazy, and also deeply dishonest, and relying on us all having short memories.

Boy on a bike said...

Teledex? Sure do. I also remember Telex machines - Dad had one in his office. Used to love playing with that punched paper.