Thursday, 16 October 2008

Surefire way to run people off the road

I'm sure I was swerving all over the road on the way home today - mainly because I was pissing myself laughing listening to the Shire Network News.

Why has it taken me so long to start listening to these guys?


Doug said...

Speaking for the cast and crew of SNN, I'd just like to say we're very sorry to have caused any traffic accidents or tickets while you have listened to our humble podcast. No, we won't be paying for damages, but if the judge needs some examples for your defense in court, we can provide audio of the show. Perhaps they'll be sympathetic.

Or they're voting for Obama.

Either way, thanks for listening.

Brian of London said...

Doug are you mad? I've told you before you can't publicly admit responsibility for this kind of thing. You know how litigious those damn Yanks are (you're one of them!). Lay off phrases like "we're very sorry to have caused" or we'll be up before the beak!

And stop stalking the blogs looking for any damn mention that our show is good, makes us look like we're desperate for praise or something.

Brian of London