Thursday, 9 October 2008

A ticklish cycling problem

This stretch of cycle path is not the problem. In fact, this is anything but a problem. The nice authorities in this area have in fact grabbed an extra 8 inches or so of road space from the car lane and added it to the bike lane - you can see the older, faded line marking on the left.

No, this is the ticklish problem. Spring is here, and all the Australian natives are shedding their pollen. This particular type of tree sheds a lump of pollen that always, always grabs me right in the back of the throat. If I inhale it, it feels like my throat is closing up - somewhat like an asthma attack I presume. It's a right bastard. I might have to start riding with a surgical mask on my mug during these months - which is something that I am sure I would hate.

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