Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Cheap, at $65 a litre

We did a little road trip to Canberra a few weeks ago - a family get together type trip; mum, dad, my brood and my sister and her beau. We were staying in some serviced apartments, and although I am a big fan of eating out, I am not a big fan of eating out with a 3 year old that is not yet restaurant-broken. That meant whipping up our own grub in the apartment, and that meant having to make a salad.

Last time we did this trip, I took a boot full of food things. This time, I swore we would travel light, so we didn't pack anything that would assist meal preparation. Which was fine - we were close to a great market, and the apartment had a good kitchen, so what could go wrong?

We couldn't find any bloody salad dressing - that's what went wrong. I tried every shop at the market, and it appeared that not one of them stocked dressings of any kind. Well, the health food shop stocked a thing that they called "dressing", but it had no oil in it. That's not salad dressing in my book. Only fucking hippies could fuck up salad dressing.

I did track some down eventually - it was the only bottle in the entire bloody market. I gasped at the price tag, but it was that or nothing, so I bought it.

It was a 200ml bottle of Tetsuya's salad dressing, at $12.95. If my maths is correct, that is pretty near to $65 a litre. Not bad going, if your name is Tetsuya.

After all that, it's a bloody marvelous dressing (as you'd expect for $65 a litre). I wonder if the economy tanks and everyone has to cut back on spending whether I will be the last person to buy a bottle of that for the next few years. If Rudd ever eats at Tetsuya's (and only people like him will be able to afford to do that), I hope that Tetsuya fronts him and says, "You bastard - no one buy my dressing anymore! I sell last bottle in Canberra! What type of fuckup shit is this country!?"

The best thing about it? I'm not running my car on it.

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