Saturday 11 October 2008

Is this the first crap of Christmas?

Photographed today, 11 October.

2.5 months to go until Christmas Day.

A Christmas stocking of lollies from the Natural Confectionary Company.

I love the natural lemonade these guys make, but jeez fellas, do you really need to be putting this crap out this early? Can't you wait another month or so?


Anonymous said...

Hey is this the monkey's first Christmas? Maybe too young this year. Wait till you see their little face light up the first time they know it's C'mas morn, you'll never forget it.

I wish mine were young again.

Boy on a bike said...

Nah, number 3. But he got to put baubles on the tree last year, and he loved that. I don't think he gets it yet - I'll let you know in 2.5 months what he thinks!