Saturday 11 October 2008

People who shit me, volume 87

Check out fuck-face here in his Mercedes CL 500. Redbook tells me that this thing costs $155,000 new.

Why is the driver of this machine a complete cock brain?

Because he is talking on his mobile phone.

It just goes to show that money is no indicator of intelligence or common sense. If I was a cop, I'd arrest the driver on suspicion of car theft. If the driver complained, I'd tell him that the car must be stolen, since if you can afford to pay $155,000 for a car, you can afford a fucking car kit. What a knob-throttling, ball choking wanker.

The above photo shows him still yap-yap-yapping at the next set of lights. Very important people in Mercedes must have a lot to talk about.

Check out the very cool car right in front of me - a Mustang perhaps? It didn't have a name on it. Personally, I find it to be a much more desireable car than the Merc. Sitting behind it at the lights on the bike was not much fun though - engines of that era pump out all sorts of crap, and it was pumping it right into my face. That apart, I like it.

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