Sunday 7 September 2008

White Bay Hotel burns down

The first I knew of the pub burning down was when J got home a few hours late last night, having been caught up in the traffic chaos that resulted from the pub partly collapsing over Victoria Road. Apparently it fell down enough for there to be bricks on the road, which would not be a fun thing to drive over.

I went past it today and it was a complete mess. I had a chat with another cyclist as we rode over the Anzac Bridge together, and he said that a DA for the site had been rejected two months ago. The whole thing is looking mighty dodgy.

I'm really glad it's gone. With luck, the Council or RTA will buy a slice of the block and widen the footpath along that stretch of Victoria Road so that pedestrians and cyclists can use it without killing each other.

All we need now is for the old power station next door to blow up, and we might get some better infrastructure in this area.

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