Tuesday, 16 September 2008

So McCain can't use a computer to send email....

So fucking what? Here is a photo of an A4 Skyhawk cockpit. I have no idea if this is from the era when McCain got blown out of the sky whilst flying one, but this looked a damned sight more complicated to master than sending a frickin' email!!

And there is probably a "computer" or two of sorts in there somewhere. Just because it isn't running Vista, doesn't mean it's not a "computer". We tend to forget that computers are the offspring of the military, and that pilots etc were very extensive users of computers before they got turned into fancy boxes for playing Doom and surfing porn.

In fact, I take my hat off to anyone that can interface to a computer using toggle switches instead of a mouse and a GUI. Whilst flying inverted at 0.8 Mach and dodging SAMs.

And personally, if I was a yank and was making a choice between someone that had decided to master the nuances of email, vs someone that had the intestinal fortitude to serve their country in a time or war..... I wouldn't be putting a whole lot of weight on he who knows how to use the thumbwheel on a Blackberry.


bruce said...

Very well said!

Infidel Tiger said...

But can he drive a stick shift?