Sunday, 7 September 2008

Premier Who? And who is to blame for that?

Another brainless and utterly demeaning headline from the SMH yesterday. "It's Premier Who?"

Hell, I am not a Labor supporter by any stretch of the imagination, but who is to blame that we hardly know who this bloke is? Who is supposed to be telling us about what is going on in the world of politics and government? Would that be papers like the SMH for instance?

God, what a cavalcade of boneheads we have to put up with at the SMH. They print nothing about this bloke for a year and a half, and then they snidely snipe at him on day one because the public don't know him.

I know more about obscure British MPs because I read The Spectator, and that magazine does a profile each week on a different politician - and they don't care which party they come from. They publish a profile, that may run to several pages, on anyone that they think has an interesting future ahead of them, or who happens to be making an impact behind the scenes.

Unfortunately, our journalistic expertise out here in the colonies does have the depth and intelligence to run to doing that, so we, the public, sit here in the dark like mushrooms.

The lack of knowledge that we have about our new Premier is the severest indictment yet on the awfulness of the Fairfax press. I look forward to the SMH undergoing the same treatment as The Age.

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