Monday, 8 September 2008

A good website

In terms of posting interesting photos of the nooks and crannies of Sydney, this guy has me beaten by a country mile. His webiste is brilliant - have a look.

However, he died last week at the ripe old age of 93, so if I last that long, I have another 42 years to put together a collection that is half as good. My bike has taken me to a lot of the spots that he's photographed, but whoever takes his photos (a son?) is much better at finding an interesting vantage point and framing the shot. I just tend to point and click without much thought.

It's nice to know that someone else shared a passion for photographing the quirky and bizarre things that you can see whilst getting a bit of exercise. It also shows that taking the path less beaten can reveal the most fascinating things. For me, it's a nice reminder that exercise should not be about getting from A to B by the shortest possible route in the least amount of time. A meandering course that involves a few stops can do just as much for your physical fitness, whilst doing wonders for your mental fitness and motivation.

RIP Alan. What a legend.

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Anonymous said...

42 more years? won't that make you 51 now? Very poor maths Boy, but at least you now have 52 more years to put together your collection as well as study up on your arithmetic!