Sunday, 21 September 2008

Finally, the N95 coughs up some photos

I have now had the Nokia N95 in my possession for just over 3 weeks, and it has taken that long to get it to cough up the photos that I've taken on it. My first impression is that it takes great photos - so long as you only want to view them on a screen no larger than 2 inches across.

Some fire trucks outside an apartment block in Five Wog. I suspect one of the wogetts living there set her hair on fire with some straightening irons.

This is how I got the photos off.

I bought a blue tooth dongle so that my PC could connect to the phone via bluetooth. That allowed me to sync the contacts in Outlook to the phone. And that was it. No photos came back the other way.

After rooting around with the Nokia PC Suite for two weeks (a bit of software every bit as bloated as MS Office), I got rid of it and installed Nokia's Ovi suite. Nokia do not explain the difference between the two, and the phone does not ship with the Ovi suite on CD - but they do ship the standard PC suite (which does not work).

I installed the Ovi suite, which at least found the phone, but it refused to transfer any photos either. After reading a number of blogs, I eventually found a way to import the photos using some software from Roxio. That is the only thing that works. Apart from bringing the memory card up as another drive and copying them off manually - and the card only showed up after I installed the Ovi suite. The only thing the Ovi suite is good for is making the memory card visible so that Roxio can do its thing.

Have I mentioned what a useless bucket of shit this thing is before now? And why any prospecting buyers should look at something running a Windows or Mac OS?

Sensible people should start shorting Nokia stock based on this pile of pus.

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