Sunday, 14 September 2008

NSW votes

Although my head had been splitting yesterday, I crawled into the nearest school and cast my votes in the local election.

We live in a Labor stronghold here - the goons around here would still vote Labor even if Frank Sartor and Co went through the place with the Angel of Death slaughtering all the first borns.

At the local level, the Labor councillors and the mayor are pretty competent. I have no complaints about our council - they seem to be well run, solvent and motivated. I also personally like the deputy mayor, even though he is Labor to the eyelids.

So I was a bit torn when I went to the polling place. The local Liberals have not articulated any policy positions that sounded more attractive than what we have now. In fact, I was unable to determine what exactly the local Libs stood for, apart from being elected.

But as I walked into the booth to mark my papers, a vision of Angela D'Amore, our local MP, appeared before me. At that point, I put a "1" against the Libs and walked out. I could not bear the thought of her gaining any comfort from the local elections. In fact I want her to feel as bad as Reba Meagher, and to quit next week and disappear into obscurity.

I guess a lot of other people felt that way.


Anonymous said...

Time to come back for a drink at the OBH!

The never-elected Premier Carpenter has been ousted by Colin Barnett (a 2nd best Lazarus effort - after JWH - if I ever saw one). I picked up Centrebets odds on the Libs in mid August at $4.25; seems Centrebet didn't bother to check how the Sandgropers voted last November. My $45 bet pays $191.

AND party politics has never made it in local government back here.


Boy on a bike said...

It really annoys me that the parties run candidates at the local level - I don't believe that party affiliation should matter for councils.

A bloke I went to school with ran the OBH for a while - not sure if he still does or not. I haven't had a beer there for maybe 10 years.

Is the carpark still full of utes, or have all the country boys moved elsewhere?

kae said...

I haven't seen the Teev news all weekend - not a bad thing for the blood pressure, however I was unaware of the NSW election...

I guess it's not important enough in Qld!

kae said...

What do I get for the whisperer thing at Tim's? Do you owe me?

I'm waiting for sheephead to attack me on the thread she's commented on.