Monday 1 September 2008

Geek rating

Via the Devil's Kitchen, I have completed a geek test.

77% Geek

Created by OnePlusYou -

I am pleased to note that I am even geekier than the Devil. I think what might have upped my score is my age - I was old enough to be able to afford video games in 1986.

I managed to make it to 83% geek on my second attempt, but I consider that cheating, so 77% geek will have to do.


Anonymous said...

From the side graph I think I got about a 75% rating - didn't want to sign up to get the number.

But I cheated, I only use windows but I said 'a bunch of OS'. I was honest about how I've never played video games, ever. But the Star Trek and Hobbit stuff was great, and I was champion speller in Year 3 - could spell just about any word. Taught myself to read too, at age 3-4. From Disney Comics. Ho hum.

Must be a Paleo-geek.

Boy on a bike said...

2000AD and Judge Dredd comics - got a huge stack under my desk.

Granny taught me to read and write before I went to kindergarten.

I said "a bunch of OS" because I get to use VMware and Netware, so I figure that's good enough. Besides, the new phone has Symbian on it.

What was the name of the dragon?

Anonymous said...

You mean Smaug?

My son and I enjoyed Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings, but when I gave him the books to read he finds 'It's all different'. So he prefers to read Harry Potter (tearing what's left of my hair out, yaaa...).

I have several Linux friends and I have an old kernel disc on my shelf, too scared to try it.

My dear ol' granny gave me the Disney comics, she lived on Lyons Rd near top of Hampden Rd, as did I before 1959. Later used to buy Gold Key comics from Russel Lea Newsagent.

Check this one from the 60's out:

'Magnus Robot Fighter',_Robot_Fighter

Boy on a bike said...

I used to read the Trigan Empire as a kid, along with the usual Phantom and Donald Duck comics.

Someone had a site up a while ago where they were scanning all the Trigan Empire comics and posting them a strip at a time, but I guess it has been killed by copywrite lawyers.

Anonymous said...

Trigan Empire! Wow that takes me back, I'd completely forgotten it.

See, they used to put British 'Look and Learn' mags in Easter Show sample bags in the 60's and it had 2 page excerpts from Trigan which blew me away, 'What is this comic?' - the superior drawing, the dramatic depth. I always wanted to follow it up, but then I caught the teenage bug and Jimi Hendrix and Cream were more important.

I didn't know, thanks for taking me back, I'll chase it up. I always had a thing for Romans.

Boy on a bike said...

My brother collected "Look and Learn" for years - even had them all in binders. They were passed down to me, and I read them again and again as a kid.

He then moved on to collecting the original Conan comics, which he still has. They were a rip-snorter too.