Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Really terrible editing at the SMH

I have been reading the online edition of the SMH this morning, which is a good thing. If I was reading a paper version, it would be covered in red ink with comments like "could do better".

First pet hate - mindlessly adopting American expressions. In this example, even though Fairfax loves to print stories about US cultural imperialism, they have used the term "lawmaker" instead of whatever the correct term is for his title. If he is a member of the state Senate, then he is a "Senator". I don't know what the right term is, but the SMH should be able to find out and use it. "Lawmaker" jars my sensitive Australian ears.

Second pet hat - writing about stuff you clearly don't understand. Try reading that article regaring the price of oil going up $25 a barrel and see if it makes a lick of sense to you. It reads to me like an assignment written by a 12 year old.

This story is not the fault of the paper, but after reading it, I wondered how on earth that person got a licence.

The inquest heard medical evidence that Ms Sutton-Smith suffered from bi-polar disorder and could become extremely agitated, The Daily Mail said.

Her mental condition made it likely that she would act impulsively and fail to appreciate when she was in danger, the paper said.

And someone thought it was a good idea to let her drive? It's a wonder only one person ended up dead.

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