Friday, 19 September 2008

Pathetic letter of the week

The NRMA President is at it again, writing garbage to those that line his pockets (ie, us, the members).

Here is a snippet from the latest cesspit:

"The Board will continue to wrestle the oil companies until the stranglehold they currently enjoy on Australia's transport energy future is ended".

"wrestle"? How do you "wrestle" with an oil company? Do you go down to the refinery at Botany Bay and grapple with a feed pipe?

As for the "stranglehold", the NRMA has the size and muscle to buy into the oil industry if it wants to. So why doesn't it? I bet the answer will be along the lines of "too risky and not a good enough return". Well, if that's the case, why are you attacking shareholders who are game enough to put their money into buying a stake in an oil company?


This clown, who earns several hundred thousand dollars a year via various directorships associtated with the NRMA, also had this to say:

"...calls on the Federal Government to develop an alternative fuel industry that is green, less volatile and cheaper for Australian families".

In other words, take the taxes extracted from you and me and pour them into one of his pet projects.

How about this for an idea, Alan. How about the NRMA puts up the money to develop an alternative fuel industry. You can put it to the members, along with a business plan, and try and raise the money yourself. After all, if the goddammed supposedly long-suffering motorists of NSW won't stump up the cash, why the hell should the taxpayer?

It is unbelievable that someone like this should get paid so much.


Infidel Tiger said...

Hey Boy on a Bike, I have obtained exclusive footage of the NRMA wrestling oil companies.

Looks tiring.

Ubique of Perth said...

Hey Infidel T, how come you and I read all the same good blogs? Kae will show up next along with Paco!