Tuesday 8 March 2011

Tuesday photos

Sunrise this morning - beautiful time of the day to be up and about.

Seems it's not only cyclists that are carrying video cameras around with them to record idiot drivers - this motorcyclist appears to have one mounted on the side of his helmet.

Speaking of idiot drivers - see the black car up the road on the wrong side of the double white line? She shot straight up the road past all the cars (and me) waiting at the red light. I thought she was going to turn right into one of the buildings along the way, but she blithely drove all the way up to the intersection and was ready to continue through the light - until a bigger vehicle (the white van) came around the corner and just about smacked into her! After a bit of tooting, she sheepishly reversed back and ducked back across the double white line onto the correct side of the road.

At that point, I rode up through the traffic to have a look - just to confirm my prejudices. Yes, young female driver, doing her best to pretend it never happened. The video camera batteries were flat, so all I have is the photo of her being a right twat. Or should that be "moose claw"?

At last - a bicycle.

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