Friday 18 March 2011

Friday photos

Left even earlier than usual this morning, and it was dark. So dark, I couldn't see the pot holes - thankfully, I know exactly where every one of them is. But it was so dark, the camera couldn't take a photo properly without a tripod. And I don't carry one of them with me.

Some people really puff and strain to get up them hills. I thought this poor woman was going to rupture something. Bikes like this are a great idea where it's flat, but the ramp up to the ANZAC Bridge from the city end is anything but flat. Taking this photo was bloody hard - you need both hands on the bars to provide as much leverage as possible when laying down the power to get up the ramp, and I had to slow down, take the photo, stow the camera and then power off again. Not going to try this again if I can help it.

I can't get over how skinny some blokes are. He's about half my width.


Brian said...

from that angle skinny bloke looks like he could be a seven day bike rider.

cav said...

I thought it wuz a sheila!

I'm getting old....

Anonymous said...

and Fauveux st, surry hills is huge.