Saturday 5 March 2011

Saturday photos

Saturday photos? What's this Saturday photos business? Isn't Saturday normally a day for resting the legs?

Yes, it is - but I had a mission to perform (see next post), so I zipped out for a while looking for election posters. As I had to visit Balmain, I took my first trip over the new bike/pedestrian lane on the new Iron Cove Bridge. Bloody hell, it's good - it's wide and smooth. It makes a lovely change from the usual narrow, twisting rooted bits of "bike path" that are currently being constructed around Sydney. Although not shown in the photo, it had plenty of pedestrians on it. Wasn't nice weather, but there were heaps of people walking around.

I stuck my head over the side of the bridge and saw rowers - lots of rowers. Big regatta on today.

Believe me when I say there are 36 rowing shells in the above photo - I counted them from the bridge. They stretch out into the distance for a kilometre or so.

Lots and lots of expensive shells parked at Rodd Point too, waiting to go out.

A non-rowing aquatic feature - the swimming pool next to the Iron Cove Bridge. One thing Sydney does well is swimming pools right on the water.

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