Thursday 10 March 2011

Jamie vs Verity

Another in my soon-to-end series on election posters. That's because the election is in 16 days, and after that, we hopefully won't see any more posters for a while.

Poor old Verity Firth can't win at anything. Whoever nailed up her posters has screwed up big time - they put a nail in the bottom and a nail in the middle - but not one in the top. That's meant that after a few weeks of rain and wind, many posters have folded in the middle and fallen over, completely obscuring the message. Here's an example.

That must be a metaphor for the hopeless Labor government - shoddy work that looks good initially, then falls apart after a short while.

According to the local rag, here are the centrebet odds on the candidates:


Jamie Parker (Greentard) – $1.20
Verity Firth (Wife of junkie) – $4.50
James Falk (Boring normal dude) – $9


Fiona Byrne (Greenloon) – $1.22
Carmel Tebbutt (wife of Labor stooge) – $4
Rosanna Tyler (who?) – $9


John Sidoti (Lib) – $1.22
Angelo Tsirekas (Lab) – $3.50


Virginia Judge (Lab) – $1.85
“John” Causcuscelli (Lib) – $1.85

Interestingly, the paper spells Labor as “Labour” and stuffed up the name of Charles Casuscelli. Guess they had the cadet reporter do that story. I know he's a wog with a tricky name, but even I can spell it correctly. Sheesh!

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