Thursday 17 March 2011

Thursday photos

What day is it? Thursday? I'm losing track of time - half asleep tonight. Quite stuffed. These early morning starts are catching up with me.

No photos of The Bay lately - it's been too dark, cloudy and gloomy on my arrival to warrant a photo. All you'd see is grey on grey on grey. Sometimes that can be interesting, but not this week.

What gets me is how many cyclists ride around in this Stygian gloom without benefit of lights or reflective clothing. They do their best to dress like Ninjas - which is fine if you're trying to sneak up on someone to assassinate them, but pretty silly when you're doing your best to avoid being smeared by a car.

Single speed bikes were two-a-penny this week. These blokes really go for the minimalist look. It's a nice ethic to have, but I still think it would be sensible to attach a light fore and aft when riding before sun up. They also have the funniest looking handlebars -really odd shapes. I'm sure they're great on a track, but not so sure they're that comfortable on a daily commute. Ah well, it takes all sorts.


Anonymous said...

Even when I cycle round in similar colour to a novelty dayglow condom motorist fail to notice me.....

I am constantly amazed by people who cycle in black at night, with no lights and all the reflectors removed.

Mrs MacKenzie said...

You make an excellent point. I live in the country and when we cycle we always wear safety gear. We ensure that our children do as well. Motorists may still ignore us but they shouldn't be able to claim that we are not visible. With so much road rage against cyclists I think you are brave to ride in the city.