Monday 14 March 2011

Smokers - a new reason to hate them

Disclaimer - I used to be a smoker. Gave up over 20 years ago. Well, apart from the odd ciggie when I'd get on the turps - but eventually, I even gave up that nasty little habit.

Was riding home last week. A ute went past (two tradesmen inside) and the first thing I noticed was that it reeked of dope. There's enough idiots on the road without stoned idiots being added into the mix.

The ute had a small case of the wobbles - the driver was having a hard time keeping a straight line. It had to slow down, and I went past.

Next time it passed me, the passenger flicked his butt in my general direction. Nearly hit me in the face. I don't think it was deliberate - I think he was too bombed to realise what he was doing.


They're not as bad as the parrots though. My trip to work takes me under a stretch of wattle trees, and the parrots are going nuts in them at the moment. Twice last week a bit of wattle was dropped by a feeding parrot, with the wattle slamming into my cheek just below my eye. Good thing I always, always wear protective glasses. Those bloody parrots - I swear they're out to get me.

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