Tuesday 31 August 2010

death by mobile phone

I hate people who think that they can talk on their phone and drive at the same time. I am even more hating when it comes to people who think they can park and talk, or pull out of a parking space and talk.

Here I am, approaching a taxi that has pulled over to disgorge a fare. In front of the taxi is a small black car, and behind the wheel of that car is a woman who is yapping on her phone. Her phone is pressed up against her right ear, blocking all vision to that side - which happens to be the side where the traffic is coming from, like me. As I go around the taxi, she decides to do the old one-handed steering shuffle thing and pulls out - without ever turning her head or using her mirrors before doing so.

I just happen to be in the bit of road space where she is aiming to go. I see it coming and manage to swerve.

I pulled over in front of her, blocking her departure. I then proceeded to swear at her very loudly for about 10 seconds, letting her know what I thought of her driving and phone using habits. As I set off again, she put the phone down rather sheepishly. I think people two blocks away were made fully aware of my displeasure.

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