Sunday 15 August 2010

Mystery? What mystery?

The SMH has really overdone itself this morning with stupidity.

TWO young men are dead after a high-powered car crashed into a power pole in Sydney yesterday.

Crash investigators are trying to piece together the final moments of the white Subaru WRX sedan, which crashed off Burns Bay Road, Linley Point, at 2am, leaving the driver and front passenger dead.

No other vehicles were involved and driving conditions were said to have been good.

Emile Brugman, 21, from Killara, thought to have been the driver of the high-performance car, was killed. He was still on his P-plates.

The injured man is understood to be his stepbrother, Chris Limberiou, aged about 20, also from Killara. He was in a stable condition in Royal North Shore Hospital last night.

An unnamed occupant of the car was also killed.

A Facebook entry for Mr Brugman posted on August 5 at 12.34am reads: ''Just legged it from the cops RBT [random breath test], got g-cam [a friend] to pick me up and now at East Ocean Restaurant on Sussex Street.''

A friend posted a reply on Facebook at 1.53pm that simply said ''Hahahahhahahaha''.

It is believed the three men had been to the Hunters Hill Hotel during the evening. Yesterday a female bartender said: ''They are local boys.''
They think this is a mystery? Is Hercule Poirot required to figure out why two blokes coming back from the pub in a high powered car on a twisty road with an inexperienced driver ended up smashing into a power pole?



bruce said...

Either it's a 'mystery' or it's 'bungled'. Or both?

'Critics under fire over bungled mystery'.

Anonymous said...

It is mysterious because if they were coming from Hunters Hill pub they would have been travelling in the other direction! Plus the road there is relatively straight compared to further up the hill.

Anonymous said...

to the idiots who wrote the original post. First you and the news team get your facts straight. he was not on his P's. second of all its a mystery because the police have not finished their investigation. In future show some respect.