Thursday 19 August 2010


I saw the aftermath of a prang today. By the time I got there, the police were taking statements and the cyclist had been carted off in an ambulance. It looked like the cyclist had been taken out from behind by one of the scariest creatures on the road - a man in a white van. They always drive too fast, and think they own the road. I stay the hell out of their way if I can. They're almost as bad as men in utes.


cav said...

Surely you jest, or did you mean "They're almost as bad as men in Commodore utes."

Boy on a bike said...

The make and model of ute seems to make no difference. In recent months, I have had run ins with Fords, Holdens, Toyotas and so on.

kae said...

A work colleague was cleaned up on her motorcycle by a van.

Broken wrist and pelvis, she will never be able to walk properly again, her pelvis is misshapen. Her wrist is stuffed, too.