Friday 27 August 2010

Who borrowed my coat hanger?

A while back, the locker room at work was cleaned out. On a given day, we had to get all our stuff out of the room, and anything left behind was carted away. The room had become full of clothes and shoes and towels, and as it turned out, most appeared to belong to people that had left the company and forgot to collect their belongings before departure.

Or maybe they all died. Who knows.

The stuff that was scooped up was parked in a room for a few weeks to allow people to collect their things if they wanted them. On the day before it all went to charity, I made a visit and collected all the best quality coat hangers. I scored about a dozen of them.

The next day, all my things were hanging on top notch coat hangers.

Today, several months later, all my good coat hangers have gone walkabout. Those that were too slack and idle to go and get them have decided to pinch mine instead.

I wonder if I can rig a coat hanger up to one of those dye bombs that banks put in cash bags?

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