Tuesday 31 August 2010

Tuesday photos

With the warming of the weather, cyclists seem to be emerging from their winter slumbers. A month ago, I had this road to myself most mornings. Now, it's a bloody traffic jam every day. The guy in the blue Suvelo jersey on the right was quite quick - and all the blokes in front were hubbards. I jumped on the wheel of Suvelo guy and we spent a minute doing little overtaking bursts around the hubbards in between cars roaring past. I hate it how hubbards feel the need to get to the front, jump the red - and then dawdle into town like bonged-out hippies.

More cyclists, this time in the opened-closed-opened-closed-opened bike lane through Pyrmont. I play a guessing game every morning as I go through Pyrmont - will the lane be opened today, or closed for some unfathomable reason? Most of it was closed today - and the only work occurring in the lane was a bloke sweeping up a bit of dirt.

I'm sure they'll open it once and for all one day - and then a week later, they'll rip the whole thing up to lay a gas pipeline or something.

And might I just compare and contrast the robust men and women in the above photos with this........ ugh.


cav said...

Bonged out hippies I get. But hubbards and suvelos? What you bin smokin' boy?

Boy on a bike said...

Suvelo - Sydney Uni Velo club (I think).

Hubbard - from urbandictionary:

"An uncool, slow, unfashionable, annoying, awkward or stupid cyclist. Often identified by wearing a helmet that is more than 15 years old, poor judgement on the road or by the ridiculous cargo they carry on their bike. In a racing context hubbards are identified by having unshaven legs, riding a Giant or by an inability go round a corner with the peleton without almost causing a crash. Recumbent cyclists are automatically hubbards."

Definition number 3 though is this:

"A kid who has a tendency to pull his penis out at the most inopportune times."