Friday 20 August 2010

Stuff I saw today - mostly wierd - as if mine aren't big enough already.

I rarely see the same cyclist twice. However, I photographed this bloke at around the same spot on Wednesday - but about half an hour earlier. I recognise him by the lack of helmet. What are the chances of that?

The Greens had their banners up on the bike bridge today - I managed to get past both mungers without running them down today. Their strategy was the same - piss off cyclists whilst trying to get an environmental message across to motorists zooming past below. I walked up the road a bit - I couldn't read their sign on the northern side. I doubt a driver going by at 60 would have time to glance up and read it either. What a waste of space.

I got a comment on my last post where I suggested the mungers had driven. It was suggested that maybe they walked. Yes, that's possible, but highly improbable. Those signs are quite heavy and unwieldy, and they had three of them today. Plus the mungers were in their 50s, and didn't look fit and sprightly (they were the un-Abbott). To top it off, I recognise most of the cars at the top end of Lilyfield Rd as they are the same cars every day - I've almost been doored by half the owners. There was a strange van under the bridge this morning parked in the "no stopping" zone. My money is that the mungers came in that van.

Three pissed idiots crossing George St at 5pm. The arrow is pointing to the first Darwin Award nominee as he abuses a taxi driver that narrowly avoided running him over.

The male idiot was followed by two other pissed idiots. Unfortunately, they all made it across safely when the light went green.

Three very ugly specimens of humanity. The freaky thing is that they looked about 16 years old. What a bunch of slappers.

Almost there - spotted another bloke with no helmet, this time on a BMX (that's him in the distance).

When I got close, I discovered he was about 50 years old. For a moment, I thought I'd caught up with Mark Latham. Men of that age should not ride BMXs - it is very unflattering.


1735099 said...

Off topic - but how did you embed the large pic in the background?

Boy on a bike said...

I updated to a new template, and this was one of the background pictures that the template came with. Pure chance that it happened to be a bike.