Saturday 7 August 2010

Squash the cyclist

Given the fuss that has been made this week over ripping up streets to build separated bike lanes, I thought I'd show why in some locations, cars need to be separated from bikes by a concrete island - and not just a bit of green paint.

The idiot in the 4WD went round the roundabout too fast and went right into the bike lane. If there had been a cyclist there, they would have been toast. We cyclists don't want separate bike lanes because we are road hogs - we need them because a certain percentage of motorists are absolute numbskulls and are out to kill us. Not deliberately, just through sheer stupidity, arrogance, aggression and inattention. Still, it doesn't matter what is going through the motorists thick skull when their front bumper goes through your ribcage - the outcome is the same.


1735099 said...

This is why my kids never had bikes once we moved to the city. My nephew (aged 6) was killed when his pushbike was hit by a car.

Boy on a bike said...

I feel for you. Number 2 is reaching that age, and all the kids around here that are a bit older have bikes. When I hear the young bogans tearing up our street at 100km/h, it makes my skin crawl to think my kids will be out there soon. I really want to sit out on the porch with a shotgun, taking pot shots at the bogans as they go by.

It can happen anywhere. Junior got collected in a dead end street with almost no traffic in a quiet country town! Thankfully, all he ended up with was a badly broken leg and a hundred or so stitches.

Mum had a sister who was killed when run over by a horse and cart in a country town in the 1920s. Where there's a road, there's a risk.