Monday 30 August 2010

Monday photos

Not all of these are strictly Monday photos - but as I am posting them on Monday, Monday is what I choose to call them.

Dogs. Dogs on leashes being walked by a couple on bikes - not a bad idea if the dog needs to cover a lot of distance to stay fit. My problem was that I saw four dogs, and assumed that all four were on leashes. When I got up close, two suddenly bolted under my front wheel and I discovered that they were not under anyone's control at all. I had the camera in one hand and was trying to brake and steer out of their way with the other - not easy. I do not want to hit a dog - I will end up lying on the pavement, and the dog's owner will undoubtedly go mental in an impossibly irrational way - even though the problem is their failure to control their mutt.

I was feeling pretty flat and tired this morning, so lots of cyclists went past me. I thought it was a pretty slow ride in - until I looked at my watch and discovered that it had been 34 minutes door to door. A few years ago, it was taking me the better part of 45 minutes. I might have been feeling jaded in the legs, but I was still moving at a reasonable clip.

Pink propaganda everywhere. The Lord Mayor is doing her best to convince us that cycle paths are a wonderful Utopian solution to all our problems. Question - why are they pink and not green?

It's been a long time since I took any photos after dark. This bloke just happened to turn his head as the flash went off, so I think I blinded him.

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