Saturday 7 August 2010

Friday photos

My shadow in the early morning makes me look thin. Nothing else does.

I won't complain about riding when it's 6 degrees - these rowers were out on the water about an hour earlier than me, and that water isn't very warm either.

I don't get these single over the shoulder strap "courier" bags. Are they comfortable on a longish ride?

White leggings - must get myself a pair.

Then I'll look like I'm part of the cast of Flashdance.

Something you rarely see - a courier waiting at a red light. And he waited until the light went green. Guy must be on drugs.

More construction mayhem in Pyrmont as an unnecessary bit of bike path is built. I'm sure they've ripped up the path and relaid it two or three times in the last few months.

Even without a functioning bike lane, there were still 8 bikes in front of me. The bit below really does need a separated bike lane - this intersection is an absolute horror. It's the only piece of road though that needs to be ripped up and redone with a bike lane. The other 300 metres of new lane behind me are a waste of space - they've ripped up a really quiet street that rarely sees a car to install a bike lane. If there are no cars around, you don't need a bike lane. Bike usually outnumber cars in the section behind me about 10 to 1.

All the Council has done is annoy a lot of residents and businesses, and they haven't built something that will really benefit cyclists. When it finally opens, I'll be interested to see how many bikes take the path and how many stick to the road.


cav said...

Good post today BOAB.

Heck I may even pump the tyres up on my bike.

Do they do lycra in 3XL?

Boy on a bike said...

Depends on the make of clothing. Some brands only make stuff for stick insects and string beans. I know some make an XXL as that's what I wear - anything smaller pinches off the blood vessels in my biceps!