Tuesday 31 August 2010

death by ambo

Had an interesting situation this week where I was almost taken out by a bloke in a 4WD - and the driver just happened to be wearing an Ambulance uniform! That would have been slightly ironic. One problem with this video camera is that it makes things seem further away than they really are - I was standing on the brakes to avoid T-boning this guy.

Then we have an idiot pedestrian. I see quite a few of these every day. There he is, shuffling slowly across the road, eyes down, not looking either way, listening to the music booming from his iPod and paying no attention to what's coming his way. Good thing us cyclists are alert - otherwise we'd be mowing these fools down in all directions.

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Anonymous said...

Nearly got sideswiped by a woman in a luxury car yesterday. She was in the lane to my right, TURNING right, but swerved...because she was texting on her mobile!