Wednesday 1 September 2010

Wednesday photos

Just the two happy snaps today. I was getting that flashing red sign on the camera screen that means "your battery is about cactus".

Spring actually seemed to arrive today. I set out with only two layers on top instead of three, and had to drop to one layer on the way home. I even shed the leg warmers, which have been snuggling my legs for the last 3 months or so. You really know things are warming up when your glasses start to steam up at the traffic lights.

I passed this very calm, zen-like lady as I zipped around the Bay. She was barely doing walking pace, but she was serene and relaxed and good luck to her. Note the shirt with the Indian god of something or other on the back - very mystical. Maybe she was meditating. It was a beautiful evening - I should have slowed down and sniffed the rotting fish for a few minutes.

I much prefer calm, laid back cyclists like the one above to meandering, brain dead gumbys like the one below. I don't care about the lack of helmet - he's riding slowly on a dedicated bike path, so unless granny takes a wrong turn and starts driving down amongst the cyclists, he won't get run over. No, what I objected to was the way he failed to keep left, and almost ran me into the shrubbery as I passed him. Idiot.

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