Wednesday 29 September 2010

Wednesday photos

Sheesh, Wednesday already. The body has finally warmed up after a bit of time off the bike. The first two days back on the bike were misery - I had no energy; no get up and go. I felt soft and winded.

Yesterday morning was completely different - a revelation. The legs had hardened up after 80km or so and were in fine form. After two days of being passed by grandmas and little kids, I was racing the Big Dogs to and from town - and almost holding my own. There's a lesson in there somewhere - the body works so much better if you give it a hiding.

Speaking of which, this was a fit bastard. I was puffing up a long hill when he just cruised past me without so much as a deep breath.

Another fit so-and-so. I held him for a while, and then he just blew me off in a burst of acceleration up a hill.

Two people who didn't go blasting past me. I wanted to go blasting past them, but had a bit of trouble as they were blocking the entire path. Thankfully, they were awake and paying attention and moved into single file as soon as they were aware of me behind them. It's nice to find switched on people like these - too often, I get stuck behind some slow moving gumby with headphones, and they can't hear me yelling at them from behind to move their arse out of the way.

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