Sunday 19 September 2010

What is the world coming to?

A P-plater carrying eight passengers in his car was nabbed for drink-driving and other road offences after a passing police car noticed the people crammed in the sedan.

The Toyota Camry drew the police attention as it travelled along William Street, Darlinghurst, in Sydney's east about 6.15am today.

A check inside the car revealed nine people - four men, four women plus the 19-year-old male driver who was the only person wearing a seatbelt.

Useless. I used to get 10 into mine when travelling between pubs. Going over speed humps was always a bit of a challenge. I think we once maxed out with 12. Then again, kids are supposed to be getting fatter these days, so stuffing 9 tubbies into a car would be problematic.

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kae said...

I remember in my misspent youth an exercise where we tried to cram as many people into a car as we could, I don't think the car was driven.

I think we got 21 in one and 19 in the other and they were a Mini and a V-Dub.

Talented people. For my 16th birthday they sat me in a rubbish bin on the median strip of the Hume Highway outside Yagoona railway station.


Those were the days! Good, harmless fun.