Monday 13 September 2010


I witnessed a bit of madness today - not on the roads, but in a shopping mall. I was wandering along, lunch in my hand, when I passed a group of four shoppers chatting at the top of an escalator. A fairly normal bloke came up the escalator, walked up to the group and gave one of their shopping bags and almighty slap - and then launched a tirade of abuse against all of them.

It was nothing to do with them being Asian - he was just nuts. The four shoppers had no idea what to make of it - they were as confused as everyone around them, including me.

The nutter stood there and urged them to fight him for a few seconds, then walked off. So did I.

A minute later, I was waiting at a spot for a colleague. I spotted the nutter coming towards me. If I hadn't known he was psycho, I wouldn't have picked him out from the hundreds of other normal looking people in the mall as being nuts. But as he got closer, I could see that his mouth was working hard, and he was talking to himself and working up for another daft encounter with some innocent strangers. I don't know if that was his natural temperament, or whether he had ingested something that made him that way. He went past me, muttering under his breath about "beating the fucking eyeballs out of some c*nt's head - har har har", turne left and disappeared into a shopping arcade.

Whatever his problem was, he was completely off his rocker. I'm used to seeing winos wandering around with the arse hanging out of their pants, harmlessly talking to people that aren't there and generally not bothering anyone or anything. This bloke was in another league though - he was going out of his way to assault people. Probably not seriously enough to get arrested, but certainly nastily enough to ruin your whole day.

I bet he drives a ute.


Anonymous said...

More likely an imagined incident inside a chaotic cranium. Best try less caffeine and more sleep.

1735099 said...

There are far more individuals with mental illness outside institutions than in them.
The basic difference being that the mentally ill in care know they have a problem - those on the street think every one else does.

Minicapt said...

... and then there are the Socialist hatemongering wankers voting Labor and NDP.


cav said...

You need to more specific BOAB, "I bet he drives a Holden Ute."

Boy on a bike said...

Last ute that nearly collected me was a Falcon. The problem with Holden and Ford drivers is that they're all one eyed.