Saturday 4 September 2010

Friday photos

I just don't get the way our cycle lanes are being built. One day, a section will be open, and the next day, it will be closed. You can see that spring is here - this bloke is tonking along in just a T-shirt with no leg warmers.

A fold-up bike on the ANZAC bridge. I think this bloke parks in Lilyfield, takes the bike out of the boot, and then rides the last mile or two into town. No parking fees required, no hassles of driving into town and finding a parking spot, and the side benefit of a bit of morning exercise. So long as you don't mind getting wet every now and then.

Friday - the bike lane is closed.

Even though we're now in for a few days of showers, it's nice and warm. The leg warmers (tights essentially) have been packed away, as have the full-fingered gloves. The shower proof jacket has been relegated to the panniers - only to be pulled out in an emergency. I'm still wearing an undershirt, as it's chilly when I get going - but it means I'm pretty sweaty by the time I get to work. I've arrived at work at the same time as a couple of blokes on motorbikes - they are still rugged up to the max, and they appear to be shivering when they get off their bikes. They look at me in bare legs and bare arms, sweat dripping off my face, and they wonder what the hell is going on.

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Anonymous said...

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There will be neither praise nor compliments for her on police blogs because she is PC Rachel Webb, the courageous woman who 'dobbed in' that piece of garbage, Sgt Mark Andrews.

As if his main deed was not bad enough, nauseating attempts to cover up his crime have emerged during his trial.

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I merely ask of our politicians, "When will the much overdue purge of uniformed criminals and traitors, begin?"