Tuesday 28 September 2010

Bicycle backlog

Enough of ranting about crap. Back to photos of other cyclists for a while.

Thankfully this bloke was able to get away quickly when the light went green. I've seen absent minder drivers almost run over cyclists when they wake up and decide to turn left.

I felt better about my bum after seeing this bloke.

A fat wheeled bike struggling home over the bridge - I don't know why people try a commute on tyres better suited to muddy, off road pursuits. The extra rolling resistance is just hard work. And slow.

The Pyrmont bike lane has finally opened for good - although I bet a utility will be along next week to dig a trench down the length of it to lay some new cable. I don't like it - it's too narrow for starters, so it gets crowded when things get busy. The nice wide road next door never got crowded when lots of cyclists were about (and hardly any cars ever drive down this road, so it's not like car-bicycle prangs were a risk). To cap it off, lots of pedestrians decide to bail from the footpath and walk in the cycle lane. Or they step out to cross it without bothering to look first. Someone is going to get cleaned up before long....

The Bay in the morning - with winter over, there are lots more bikes about. There are actually two in this photo, which is two more than I would have seen a month ago.

We'll finish with a skinny, speedy chap. His calf muscles were about the thickness of my forearms. Must do more miles......

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