Wednesday 16 July 2008

Nice view

This is 10 photos stitched into one panoramic view - thanks the wonders of the software that comes free with your average digital camera these days.

I took this from the back door of an upmarket housing development in Canada Bay. I think this is just around the corner from Hen and Chicken Bay (yes, that is an actual name of a water feature around these parts). To live where I was standing when the photo was taken, you'd probably need somewhere around $1.3 million - and I might be conservative in my estimation, since I usually don't look at property when it gets over the 7 figure mark.

The hilarious thing is that I am looking straight across the water at a clutch of low rise Housing Commission estates. I don't know who thought up the bright idea of putting shiftless, drug addled, unemployable criminals and losers onto millions of dollars worth of waterfront property, but my guess is that it was Neville Wran. The buildings certainly date from his era.

Only a lefty could be that stupid.


kae said...

When the posh mansions are built the wollopers should look for villains in rowboats?

Boy on a bike said...

Stolen rowboats.