Saturday 5 July 2008

Deja vu all over again

I take a walk up and down our street every now and again with one of those grab-handy rubbish picker-upper things and a plastic bag and keep walking until I have filled the bag with roadside litter.

I usually only get about 50 yards down the street before the bag is full.

But that is the least of my problems. I once again found two used condoms in the gutter, almost opposite our house. I found two in pretty much the same spot a few weeks ago.

I never thought that we lived in such a fucking attractive spot. Or, perhaps I should call it an attractive fucking spot. I've never been watching TV and been disturbed by the sound of squeaking car springs, so either cars are quieter these days, or someone is seriously wrong in the head, and has taken to transporting their used frangers to our street for dumping.

It almost makes me want to start perusing security catalogues for an infra-red camera and the usual bundle of snooping paraphenalia. I don't really give a bugger about a couple of teenagers rooting outside my house, but I do care about them littering.

There is a great car park on the Bay Run that I ride through most mornings. It would be even better at sunset - some of the best photos that I have taken of the Bay have been from around that area. People drive there, park, and do whatever they do in parked cars.

Again, the only thing that gripes me is that when I ride past in the morning, there are piles of fast food wrappers stacked up neatly next to each car space. The little sunset watching turds are clearly having a feed, then dumping their rubbish out of their car door. I am usually gobsmacked at that sort of behaviour when I ride past, since there are plenty of rubbish bins along that stretch. In some places, you'll see a pile of rubbish in a car spot right in front of a bin.

I only see the evidence the morning after - I've never seen one of these arrogant little bastards in action. It makes me want to sneak around the carpark at night with a can of that expansion foam, going from car to car and filling up their big fat exhaust pipes with stuff that will cause their cars to backfire and fail to start.

That'd fuck 'em.

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