Wednesday 9 July 2008

MP3 driving ban sought

The very annoying Harold Scruby, chief wingnut of the Pedestrian Council (membership unknown) wants to stop drivers listening to MP3 players.

I am yet to see a driver with earphones do something stupid, but I come close to mowing down dopey MP3 listening pedestrians on a daily basis. The worst place funnily enough is an intersection right outside some law chambers on Goulburn St in Sydney. The legal fraternity seems to have little or no understanding of what constitutes jaywalking, and idiots with and without headphones cross the road against the lights on a continual basis. Either that, or they figure they'll just sue a hapless driver that happens to hit them when they step out on the red.

I have lost count of the number of times that I have had to swerve around some idiot pedestrian that has stepped out onto the road with a glazed look in their eyes and noisemakers in their ears - or a noisemaking phone pressed against one ear. I shall henceforth start slapping them around the head as I go past.

Scruby needs to get out of his Blue Mountains hideaway and come visit the real world where pedestrians are their own worst enemy.

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